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Who am I?

Hi, my name is India!

I'm a pioneer serving in the English field in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. All things video production related have been a way for me to express myself creatively and share what I'm passionate about with others. I love learning new skills and collaborating with others to produce something wonderful!


Showcasing some of my work

Houdini | Cloth Simulation on Dancer

DEMOS: Cloth Simulation

In January of 2024 I started to learn how to work with Houdini using resources online. It's been a steep but fun learning curve! This is my first solo cloth simulation project. My goal was to create a realistic looking simulation of a skirt following the movements of a dancer.

The model itself and its animation were obtained from a website called; I only added the skirt and simulated its movement.

For the next cloth sim project I already have a list of things I want to improve on as well as work with more complex layers of fabric.

Houdini | Destruction & Pyro Simulation

DEMOS: RBD (Rigid Body Dynamics) and Pyro

One helpful series I found for learning Houdini touches on the other solvers, including RBD and Pyro. Seen here is a project following their tutorial which brought together both destruction and pyro sim.

Houdini | Fluid Simulation

DEMOS: Fluid Simulation

Project made using the same tutorials mentioned above to work with FLIP solvers.

Houdini | Cloth Simulation

DEMOS: Cloth Simulation

Solo project to experiment with varying cloth thickness and other forces.

After Effects | LDC 2D Animation Project

DEMOS: 2D character rigging & animation

For this LDC project, our small team was tasked with making an animated video used to train the Purchasing/Real Estate team. My assignment was to take the 2d characters that my brother designed and rig and animate them in Adobe After Effects, which would then be edited into the final product by our overseer. Although I had no previous experience with either rigging or character animation, experience with After Effects and the advice from my overseer made it possible.

We used "Duik Angela"; a free plugin for After Effects allowing you to easily build a rig and automate much of the animation, such as walking and running cycles. Even for majority of the project that could not be automated, using the rig controls given by the plugin worked fairly smoothly.

Although this was the first time I had worked with this type of animation, it was a really enjoyable learning experience and one I would like to repeat!

LDC Finished Video

This is the finished LDC Video (Please see description for video above)

The History of Board Games

DEMOS: Motion graphics, transitions, compositing, historical research

This project was a lot of fun to create! I love getting to explore the rich history of a fairly mundane object and the creative process of sharing it in a way that others find interesting.

This video is a brief glimpse into the history of board games. It was inspired by the formula of similiar educational videos: a very brief video covering one simple topic.

Several hours were spent in research to make sure all the information conveyed was accurate and represented by the correct corresponding media. A color palette was chosen so that everything in the video was visually united and aesthetically pleasing. A minimalist approach was taken to its animation: simple clean movement and not too much cluttering the screen. The concept, research, production, and design was all done by myself.

References regarding research material available upon request :)

After Effects/Premiere Pro | A Glimpse of Italy

DEMOS: Video editing, color grading

A collection of footage I shot while visiting a few cities in Italy, color graded and composited to try to catch the perfection of these sights in real life.

After Effects | Color grading

DEMOS: Color Correction, Grading

All footage was shot by me on a trip to New York several years ago. The goal was to not only improve the quality of each video but also see how many different looks could be made with just a few videos. All grading was done using the Lumetri Color effect in After Effects.

GALLERY: The museum gallery shot (above) demonstrates four effects: the original, a dark moody version, a softer ethereal version, and modern cool tones.

STREET: The top left is the original footage. I played around with this one a lot, but the three looks I decided to go with were (going counter clockwise) a warm, earth tone look that reminds of fall; a cooler, more balanced mood with a vignette; and then a much more saturated version to contrast with the others.

BEACH: For this video, I was trying to achieve an aged film look. Because I was focusing more on the mood evoked rather than improving the image, I focused on exaggerating that "vintage" look by warming the highlights and softening the image.

BUILDING: The first clip is the original video. I tried two contrasting looks: a softer, dreamier look with pink highlights and then a much more grounded version, bringing out the black and increasing saturation.

After Effects | Camera Tracking

DEMOS: Camera tracking, lighting, color correction

The goal of this project was to not only practice camera tracking but try to match the inserted image to its environment. After adding in the hot air balloon, I converted it to a 3D layer and added a point light in the same spot the sun would be to give it more "natural lighting." Then some very basic color correction and it was done.